There is a crisis in online and off line reviews. It used to be that people got tired of the Leonard Maltin’s of the world so they came to the internet seeking fresh perspectives on things, seeking new air to breath. That air is now stale. People nitpick every single aspect of a film and game until you are left with a weeping sore of an article. Now I’m not saying that review sites are trash, no I think a certain level of discourse is needed to keep companies, directors and actors honest. I’m just saying that critics are not judges based on their glowing and positive reviews but rather on the amount of critical vitriol they can spew. Like a college newspaper everyone wants to write the expose, no one wants to do the weather. Sensationalism sells.

Frankly I need to find a good site that reviews games, because having purchased games based off of other peoples ideas long enough I found my success ratio the same as my previous method. I used to go by the box and what friends told me. Then I tried gaming magazines, online reviews ect. Same rate of failure. However with the reviews in tow i have been disappointed on a much smaller scale. Monkey see…


I think I am going to start reviewing the games, movies and the experiences i have in as brief of a way as possible. You can see the beginnings of my work over at the Travel Mug. I try to hit good and bad points of a game and film in less than five bullet points. We are going to do this name that song style. I can review that game in one sentence… I can do it in two, etc. I’m only trying it out right now, If this works i might port the articles over to this site as well.

I’ll be taking other people in on this venture and might actually expand it into this site, so we will see. Also one final point. All reviews will be for an EVO, entertainment value only. In other words did you have a good time. I will excuse myself where my bias could get in the way but otherwise i think this is a good rating system, each movie and game must stand on its own. 1 – 5 stars/mugs and less than five sentences. Thats it. Let me know what you think.

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