We found during our research for my previous rant that over at Energy Fiend, the site which created the Death by Caffeine application that there is now a Fair trade energy drink. For those of you keeping score at home this is the first time an energy drink has been labeled as fair trade. And for those of you not in the know Fair trade is a certification that the product you are drinking, consuming has passed muster as products purchased by adhering to an equitable and fair price strategy for the farmers and workers involved.

Basically it establishes a minimum price for the product in question, sugar, coffee, ect. The the farmers are paid a premium over and above that price based on other factors such as whether the product was grown in a organic fashion. Good stuff people look for this label as it helps your fellow man.

Small aside. Look at the difference in tone between the last two pieces astounding that the same warped mind can produce both.

We now return you to the sultry sounds of Ramon Recello and his Orchestra

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