Geeks are by nature curious. And besides killing the cat curiosity also leads to carpentry, dissections and general mayhem. But with mayhem also comes a bevy of awesome and insightful articles all falling in some way under Geek crafts.

From Papercraft, to steampunk to rail guns we have you covered with this short little news run down.

As you may or may not be aware the US postal service is currently draping plain ordinary Mailboxes with R2D2 traping in honor of the Star Wars 30th anniversary.   Well i haven’t seen any of these yet, and if i do i would be seriously tempted to find a welding torch and make it my newest addition to the CaffiNation Lair. However times being what they are and welding supplies and mailboxes being nowhere to be found i figured a papercraft version of the very same mailboxes, albeit a little smaller should fit the bill rather nicely. Direct link to printable version here.

And chief amoung my latest interests in Tech and Geek subcultures of late has been steampunk. So when i heard about a Steampunk Strat, I got very excited.   A gentleman i work with went to great lengths to actually make a replica of Eddie Van Halen’s famous 5150. So I know how much time and dedication can go into replicating the look and feel in a guitar. I was enthused by the pictures but overall let down by the guitar. The steampunk element was nothing more then a picture etched onto the pickgaurd of the guitar.   For me, to be truly steampunk there had to be some sort of physical modification, added gears, pulleys clockwork, something. Its well done but lack substance in my mind.

Orignally i found this mini rail gun article over at Hackaday, a wonderful website of awesome projects, so i would be remiss if i didn’t just link you to that site as a whole. Any discussion of crafty geekery or geek with tools would be incomplete witout their inclusion. So please head on over there for a collection of the web’s best geek crafts, and crafty achievements. No need to reinvent the wheel here, although i’m sure there is an article onHack a day someowhere on how to do just that, For the rest of your geeky and crafty news head over there right quick.
That about sums up the mass of hackery I received for today’s show I hope you enjoy the links and stay tuned for the show in a couple hours.