For a small time I had a survey up on my Myspace page, not the caffination one but my personal one. This survey had all sorts of fun little facts about me. What I wanted to be when I grew up, what I went to school to become. etc etc. The one question which seemed to confound people the most was this

When I was in first grade I wanted to be a _____ when I grew Up

  1. Fire Truck
  2. Computer Guy
  3. Paleontologist
  4. Astronaut

Should I be worried that to a man, every single person thought I wanted to be a fire truck? Come on People I’m a little slow at time but I’m not short-bus slow. I wanted to be a paleontologist, as scientist who studies Dinosaurs for the uninitiated, and I actually when to school for Archeology / Anthropology. Fun stuff, but I’m now “The Computer Guy” for a department at a university, not a bad job but no Dinosaurs around… unless you count a tenured professor or two… Oh Snap! Just kidding people.

But thats not what I came to talk to you about today. Nope but I hope that gives you a little insight into why into why I think this gadget is so cool.



As reported buy the fine fellows over at the Sci-Fi Blog this expensive little toy has a host of cool features. Maybe it bring a little Land before time Nostalgia back, by the by I mean LBT1, not 47 or whatever they are up to. These cute cuddly little fellows communicate, walk, graze, make noises. I’m assuming the chase and terrify cat feature will be forthcoming. These things just scream awesome. Camposaurus Awesome!


Literally, they can call to you, learn by doing, and devlope affinity for certain things, they have more electronics in them than the first space shuttle and can apparently show emotion. I’m freaked out too. but by the same accord I would love to have one of these to review…. hint… hint…. By the way it has its own OS, can’t wait for the Linux community to install some version on it and have a couple go all Jurassic park on us. The revolution is at hand. Good thing they aren’t too big.

Unfortunately for everyone involved this type of innovation doesn’t come cheap and Ugobe the company that makes Pleo has tried to bring the price down but has only hit $349.00. The cool thing is that its less than a new phone without a plan, the sad thing is we have no money for this. Bills need to be paid and air conditioners need to be fixed. I shall watch from afar for the time being, and attempt to keep my inner Paleontologist in check.