Hi All,

Its been a long weekend. The wife and I took a mini break with some friends and had a blast. However this led to a less than productive Sunday night. Most of which was spent checking email, doing laundry and cleaning. The good news is i feel re-invigorated to come back and give you a great episode 151. The bad news is I am tired enough top know that that episode won’t be out as per usually on Sunday night. I’m going to reschedule this episode for a Monday taping, Wednesdays show will go off as planned, taping live at 11:oo pm over at ustream.tv.

So here are a couple links I’ll be talking more on tomorrow, just to tide you over. Explore and take some notes.

Also just a general Notice, If you joined my blog and want to get the updates you better be prepared to prove your human, we have a batch of spammers join last week, not cool by any stretch of the imagination. Fair warning to all. Turning tests start tomorrow. Justify your existence.