verizon_logo.jpgI’d like to send a notice to all of the people who enjoy coffee and technology without the problems of big city’s smog and traffic. We have a bit of news directed firmly in your direction. Verizon that bastion of good citizenship has decided to kiss off all of its rural customers in the northeastern part of the US.

Apparently they have decided to spin off a portion of their company into an existing company, which they recently bought. A separate entity entirely. Fairpoint Communications, a company of which Verizon has a 60% stake in now operates the rural lines in Maine, Vermont and Connecticut. Thats roughly 600,000 extra lines 250,000 DSL subscribers. I’m confused. you give a company you just bought triple their buisness then keep 60% of said company.
This is an excellent example of why i will never make it far in business, after a while it just gets too confusing. Still the more you know…

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