Hello there dear listeners I am going to try a different way of doing the Live Podcast tomorrow. If it works, great. If not then we know better.

So far ,I’m not going to lie to you, the Live segments have been more trouble than they may be worth in the long run. But we are going to give this the new college try since the old one didn’t work out as we expected. Before we settle down into the tried and true CaffiNation Podcast Format (tm?) I will be doing an open discussion, tech talk beforehand for about 15 minutes to a half hour. Completely open ended, Call in via Skype, Chat. We will be doing it all. I’ll have some other topics to fill out the time, neat tricks and tips. I’ll even dredge up some interesting sites and other things. I’ll also consider publishing this as a supplemental episode later on in the week.

So now we have to let you know all of the pertinent details ways to chime in on the show and join us. Click the TV for a direct to show link. I’m also thinking in the future of running a skypecast session at the same time. ANyway without further ado, here are your links