PodCamp Philly

Hello there dear listeners,

I have talked about this on the show before but this time I’m throwing down some link love to go with it. I’m be attending Podcamp Philly, at Drexel University September 7th, 8th, and 9th. Podcamp’s are free unconfrences, for a better explaination of the whole concept then head on over to their site at www.podcampphilly.com.

But seriously who should attend? Well anyone really. Podcasters, listeners, media people, bloggers, the curious, the criminally insane, the legally sane and everyone in between. Check out their sessions page for the topics being presented by some of the people showing up. If a topic peaks your interest then feel free to register and stop by. As of right now I don’t think i have anything I could ad to the already well packed discourse. I am there to be a sponge, absorb and network with other like minded people. So if your in town, live in town, or have nothing to do those days drop me a line using the handy dandy email button on the right, my left, side of this page. It is kindly labeled Send Email.

On an unrelated note, I LOVE their logo.