Marc Blevis of Electric Sky & One More Book among many others

Hi All a Second day has dawned, and now I have Internet connectivity. Of course I didn’t have time. So now after the fact I’m throwing the notes up for all to use.

On to The Notes…

Conversation as a core competency.

  • Conversation is to podcasting as a sound bite is to radio.
  • Business is just starting to realize the power of it podcasting / community.
  • Whirlpool as a corporate podcast does not mention the products they talk about real life experiences.
  • ButterBall has a turkey hotline podcast, reinforces the brand while providing a service.

The difference between the blog evangelists and the corp podcasts is Soul & heart.
Conversations need to have soul to work

Community as a competency.

  • Size does not matter, a small cohesive community is more power and has more weight behind it than a large fractured community.
  • Advertisers don’t understand the concept, but need to learn to build Organically.
  • The slower you build the more connected that
  • Build your brand, make an entrance. Be noticed, ie Hawaiian shirt guy ect.

Asynchronous communication. Radio is real time call ins possible. Podcasting has a two way conversation. Email is to IM what voicemail is to call in.

Podcasters need to extend themselves. Podcasting is a close form, such as letter-writing.
ROI Return on Influence.

Good E-Book for anyone thinking about podcasting. From Idea to Air, Todd Maffin

More to come