Alright a day late on this set of notes, but to be honest I was hoping to get a photo either of the guys or with the guys who gave this session. The presentation was given by Rick Simmons of Podcamp sponsor Dinkum Interactive. Although the session was awesome I find my notes lacking. A thousand pardons

SEO Optimization session

It doesn’t matter what you think, it matter what other people think. How you would describe what your site is about means nothing. How are people finding your content?

  • SEODigger.com, good reference site for words a phrases in the popular use.
  • Relevant terms, always describe things in relevant terms. Funny headlines are alright but use Self-explanatory ones
  • Analytics are required for a successful look at how people find your content.
  • Meta Data not as important for Google anymore. Yahoo and Microsoft still use it to a certain degree.
  • TAG TAG TAG, tags are how people find your content. Even simple internal tags.
  • CSS very important, its can clean up sloppy web code, and reduces page size on your disk, and downloads quicker
  • Search Engines cannot read flash, video, new media in general, Tag verbiage needs to be put in place. Show notes / Transcripts are invaluable, and a requirement.
  • SEO all in one pack!!! WordPress plugin. a must needed install for any wordpress blog
    • I need to give this one a shot Addendum: Its awesome and easy to use
  • Sitemaps are a pain to put together, but your site is worthless without one
    • Worpress users find Google sitemap generator, works great
  • Youtube Guru Account? allows you to control content and get information.
  • Hyphen is better than underscore in SEO, no shift to hit it. People tend to use less keys to get what they want.
  • Keyword Discovery.com
  • Consider popular misspellings of your content as a possible lost revenue stream, DO an article about how Mortgage is often misspelled so that you get the keyword it into the search engine without looking illiterate.
    • Don’t get to caught up with tagging misspellings.