CC Chapman and Myself , Paul Rj Muller, At Podcamp Philly.

So I figured as I sit here in Podcamp Philly I should be posting my notes online to help everyone else out there get to this content. So I just sat through an awesome New Media Session with CC Chapman, Linda Mills & Mark Blevis

They Discussed Hardware: Some of the hardware these professionals and successful podcasters use are

  • Zoom H2
  • Edirol R-1
  • Edirol R-09

In Interview: How to make your questions more relevant.

  • Let the question breath, pause at the end of a comment. at least 2 seconds.

At the end of the interview Ask this type of question to open up discussion to avenues you might not have thought about.

  • What did I not ask you that you thought i would.

Check Podcast 411 for tips.

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