Paul Rj Muller After a session with the Mommies (Gretchen & Paige)
The Hosts of the MommyCast

Mommy Casts & host a talk about Corperate Sponsorships. The Mommycast is (One of) the first independent shows to gain a major sponsor, Learn / steal from the best. All the respect to these amazing women. They have built a fun, engaging and above all else successful show

Advertising companies and possible Clients are looking for a consistent message and above all else… Quality

Who to approach? How do you determine who to pitch to

  • Companies that are already in New media buys, Or have a vested intrest in New Media Exposure.
  • There are Content specific buys out there to consider. For instance A Beach Walks Show is a match for something like Aloha Air. Good Matches are hard time find.

Personal Note: Craft a Media Kit. The Mommies have an absolutely gorgeous, well done media kit. This is the style I would like to emulate. for tips to create media kits and pre reqs

Forward emails about product directly to sponsor as a showing of active listenership.