In deference to our robotic overloads, our future shiny masters as the case may be, we are going to keep this piece light, airy and as impartial as possible. I’d like to take you on a journey of discovery through the new and innovative happening in Lifestyle automation. It seems every day there is some new contraption available to reduce our workload, reuse our time and recycle our imagination.

Ok now for the humans still reading those metal infidels are going to be the death of us all and I have proof. It seems that every time i turn around some otherwise fun section of life’s little joys is being taken over by robots. Take this story for example. Imagine a robot that can throw the ball to your dog. Yes you heard me correctly. This is of course with the understanding that the dog would be trained already to retrieve the ball and place it just so in the ball return. Come on people, invent a machine to TRAIN the dog, and let us reap the rewards, the hours of playtime after the training is complete. But then of course if the robots train the dogs, we might not have their alliance when the tide shifts.

All kidding aside it is a truly impressive display of robotics. And it brings into stark contrast how hard it is to be a healthy geek, as i find myself in the same struggle. Gadgets like this folding scale and calorie counter are an awesome weapon in the arsenal of any well heeled geek, but i don’t find myself there. Hey I’d love to write a review of that product, but no cash for the initial outlay. I’m stuck with good old pad and paper.

And the last little fun link i was sent today is an awesome contraption which and person on their way to becoming a fully automated human being could enjoy is this all in one toaster, egg cooker and overall mcmuffin maker. I think this is great breakfast all in one neat little package. Might just be the ticket for some fun and quick breakfasts.

All in all Please take this as nothing more than A light hearted romp spawned in reference to an article i wrote about my struggle to get healthier. Hopefully you found some enjoyment in the crazy products and links that are floating out there.