SeasonNow as we sit here on the eve of christmas eve I was wondering how Santa was going to fair this year. getting from one place to another with all of the toys and goodies for everyone. We live in a dangerous world so how could santa so effectively navigate through the various war-zones no fly zones etc. Well fear not. Apparently he has a military escort tracking his every move from approximately 2:00am local time till his flight is done. So for the benefit of all our our readers from down under we are posting these links ahead of schedule so they can get the most use out of them. I figured if i posted the show on christmas eve then no one would get to track santa. If you enjoy google earth, and seriously who doesn’t then head on over the the official google earth tracking station. Download the latest application and links for Santa get up to the minute tracking information on the big guy and before hand there is even a scavenger hunt.
or if you are more of the military mind you would probably feel comfortable with the fact that santa is escorted by some of the finest pilots in both the Canadian air force and the United States air force. Check over at NORAD where they have been tracking the red man for 51YEARS! Good luck to all you boys and girls out there the Caffination is hoping for Santa to bring baby Paul some good stuff this year. NORAD is a pretty cool website to visit for checking both the status of Santa’s progress and some other fun facts so enjoy.

Thats a mighty long flight I hope Santa has a good coffee mug with him this year. The worlds original overnighter.

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