O.k. we should start off by saying that anyone still using fireworks, this being the 6th of July, you are officially out of compliance with the holiday. Cease and desist immediately. I don’t care if your party got rained out, it sucks I know, have the party, hold off on the fireworks. If you had been a real man you would have lit them in the rain, we did. It was wet and awesome. No pictures because they are considered evidence by certain sects of society, not that we did anything wrong. In fact our street held up the awesome traditional festivities. These consist of parts aluminum ladder, beer, fireworks and friends. Everything went off without a hitch and I am so glad that you can buy bigger fireworks other than sparklers in our state now. Still not completely awesome exploding rockets or anything but fun non the less.


Secondly while this type of fireworks are illegal in my neck of the woods I am sure someone, somewhere can emulate this feat featured below. I submit to you the Man Cannon, and please for the love of whatever you hold sacred use some common sense.

Tell me that wasn’t awesome. Shades of a video game Gatling gun to be sure.