Ok So the time has come to call myself out. I’m lazy, overtired at times and frankly just try to skate through some of these articles. Well no more. I’m going to have a big board down in the CaffiNation Lair, filled with ideas, hopefully. I’m going to try and throw down 2 -3 quality articles on this site. I’m even thinking of putting blurbs up concerning news and fun things I see if that goes well. I’ll be accepting comments on that idea. But first things first I have been promising you all a two part ranticle here (Rant + Article). Well strap in because this is how we do. And then you can expect a set of recipes I have have been working on. All of which will be lovingly nestled into the recipes sections for double the fun. First off before you continue please take this next rant with a grain of salt, from someone who takes his coffee more than a little too seriously.



All right its time to throw down and call Dunkin Donuts out. that mockery of a confection the you are putting out there as Iced coffee is a misnomer and you know it. I have on occasion forgotten what it is that you consider to be an iced coffee. Let me throw something out here, Ice and Coffee, thats it. Not heavy cream sweetener ice coffee syrup or whatever else you throw into the chilled glass and try and pass it off as the simple summer staple that I grew up with.

When I was working in construction, on a dig in Archaeology or working outside in the summer i take a giant glass of ice and slowly pour my fresh brewed coffee into it. This chilled treat can be sweetened, can be creamed can be modified after the fact, but for the love of god please allow those of us who drink it black to have an iced version. I actually had to explain to the Rhodes Scholar behind the counter that all I wanted was a cup of ice with coffee poured into it, several times. I have been told on some occasions that I cannot order that, they can’t for some reason combine the two ingredients without getting a pre-chilled mixture out of some vending machine. Your mixture is a heavy brew, only suited to a momentary alleviation of thirst. Accompanied with an unwelcome sugar rush in the summer heat. A true iced coffee is a cool, light, draught which keeps the mouth sated the body cool and the mind clear. Get yourself in check. Call it a chilled latte, call it a Milk infusion, not Iced Coffee.


On to more pleasant topics. How can we beat the heat and quench our thirst at the same time. Beer is good, but socially unacceptable for children and anyone before noon, but hey its noon somewhere right? Ok onwards.

Blindingly Simple Recipe #1: Lemon Water

Take a glass full of crushed ice add a squirt of lemon or lime juice over the top then fill with water. This treat has the very welcome side effect of quenching your thirst relitavely quickly while at the same time neutralizing a potential acid stomach but adding something to the water. A crisp clean drought is just what you need, you know it.

Blindingly Simple Recipe #2: True Iced Tea

Take one huge pitcher and one 3 quart pot. Add one box of your favorite tea bags, Remember the herbal teas with lemon, mint, or chamomile are great choices. Let the mixture steep until cool enough to dip a finger into then pour over ice into the pitcher. Take any excess and pour over ice into glasses and serve.

A helping a cut raspberry, blueberry or strawberries added after the mixture has been chilled is a great way to liven this up. Make sure your not mixing flavors at odds with one another before you attempt this. The simpler the herbal the better. Ovoid more complex blends for iced tea as the emulsion can separate, and a slight sediment will form at the bottom fo the glass.

Blindingly Simple Recipe #3: Iced Coffee… See Above

I Hope these blindingly simple recipes help you beat the heat and hey if its after noon where you are then a shot of light rum in the iced tea is a great afternoon cocktail.

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