I should be finishing up the post concerning Coffee and Spices but that just doesn’t seem to be in the cards. It will be up, but in the mean time here is something else. We told you about the best commercial i have ever seen for a video game, here is the worst i have ever seen for anything. The person who made this junk should be taken out back and shot, In the mouth, as an example to others. serious that last line was only for effect. To say it lightly I dislike the following video.
Video Link : Careful its really bad. and not Howard the Duck bad, HeMan Live action bad
One more bit of minutia. What is it with geeks and toasters?

Insert horrible pun about this tech being the toast of the town and your set to jet. Scary. Do you think all of the links got stale after a while. The concept of this post seems a bit dry. That is all we now return you to your regularly scheduled program. Scroll Down for the Show.