No I’m not going to be doing this often. But the recent change in the air around me has prompted this. Shut yur computer off and go outside. Sit on your “stoop” talk to some neighbors. The beginning of spring is one of the most magical times of the year. Its when everyone steps away from their closed in houses and returns to the social world around you.

Open up the garage, play some good podsafe music. Listen to a podcast or two as you work on the garden. I know this is a bit preemptive and in some parts of the world its still quite nippy. But we are having our second really nice day in less than a week here in Philadelphia, and while its still going to get chilly this weekend. I can dream can’t I.

To Tide you over until tomorrow’s Form over Function Release I decided to provide you a fun Video to a great painting of Ray Charles. The Video is after the jump.What do you know for trusting me you get two video. Both equally amazing.

And now for your bonus feature

Danny Dunn, basically invented this form of Speedpainting he calls a Paint Jam. Just check out Youtube for more examples of how impressive this stuff is. I can’t even paint that type of stuff given the whole afternoon! So now that you’ve been entertained. Head outside for a spell.