This video had me in laughing pretty hard. Its full of information like you wouldn’t believe. Including a demo of the Zune 80 from non other than Rob Greenlee the Podcasting Lead with the Zune

You’ll also see some commentary on a variety of topics by Andy McCaskey and Todd Cochran. A Big Congrats to Todd on his news. Todd was recognized as one of the Top 10 podcasts of 2007 by So he talks a little bit about that honor.

By the By. Congrats Todd from The CaffiNation Podcats, a show which would not be here if it were not for you. I started listening to Todd around Episode 20 of the Geeknews Central Podcast and decided to start my own show after no small amount of time spent listening to his.

By the way the best part about this video is what was left unsaid at the end of the show. Even back channel is not privy to everything