Each day of CES Andy McCasky and Todd Cochran take a moment to give us a rundown of some of the awesome bits of techy goodness they were able to sink their teeth into. Then after everything was said and done they give us their pick of the Day, an in depth look at what they see as the best product of that day’s coverage.

Today’s Techpodcasts Network Rundown includes

  • SpeechGear :
  • BugLabs : The erector set of the 21st century ! Open source and cool
  • VieVu : A rugged wearable camera for law enforcement. 4 hours of continual video
  • WildCharge : Elegant home charging solution. No more cable mess
  • SmartRestart : A product designed for stable computer environments, Re images your machine
  • I might have to check this out for My Lab!
  • CallPod : A way for enterprise

And Today’s Winner Is… BugLabs! These things are spiffy! True plug and play gadgets!

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