So each day at CES 2008 Andy and Todd are going to be rocking out the best of the best they see from the show floor. The have interviewed countless people, culled through the coal laying all around to find these diamonds. These brilliant gems shine brighter than their respective competitors and one shines above them all That is the Pick of the day.

So here are the products featured in order.

  • TuneUpMedia: Music organization, works with iTunes and sifts your music cruft
  • Dlink‘s SecureSpot: Get a hold of your home network and manage the environment, security, routers the whole 9 yards
  • Dlink‘s Digi Photo frame: Menu options, rss subscriptions flickr streams whats not to like?
  • Creative xDock HD: Upscaled HD video from your iPod
  • SteadiCam: Wearable Camera Stabilization device

And the winner is… TuneUpMedia Solves a problem, inexpensive, whats not to like.