Alright now I’m a sucker for a good story. What if you heard a buddy removed all the antivirus from his computer, took out the firewall and uninstalled any of the myriad of other safeguard that most people have. He plugged a USB stick into this very same machine and it come out the end of the tunnel just as secure if not more secure than before. Then You’d probably be interested in hearing about Yoggie Security and their Microcomputer on a USB stick, They have a whole line of micro security features plugged right in. It hijacks all of the network traffic on your PC and then pipes the stream right back to your machine. According to the company the performance on your machine actually increases by offloading the security apps onto this little box.

How Much You ask? $99.00 with a three year subscription included. Now that is probably right around the cost of professional antivirus for 3 years, firewalls, ect. I think this bears a little further look. If i manage to get one I’ll let you know how it goes down.

Todd Cochran of the GeekNews Central Podcast Interviews Yoggie Security Systems