Hello there Dear Listeners,

Today I wanted to speak to you about the tragic events yesterday in Virginia. If you want a real honest account of what happened you need to visit this student’s blog. His account is real, his motives are pure and the text is unadulterated. I won’t speak any further on that topic except to extend my deepest sympathies to everyone and their families who have been touched by these events.

I also wanted to thank those of you who asked if I was alright, While I do work at a University Its not this one. I work in Philadelphia. Thank you again for your concern.

What I wanted to discuss today was the abuse of Media and the unwarranted villianization of Video Games in cases such as this. It is nothing new to see bottom feeders such as Jack T scouring the pools of our tragedy for tidbits of video game usage. In fact it wasn’t even 2 months ago that Jack T himself proclaimed that a shootout in a mall in SLC was a direct result of our Murder Simulators. And was proven false. {Also for a hoot check out Kotaku’s breakdown of JT’s latest comments, and why they are false. :Late Edit}

Now we have a member of the Cultural majority Dr. Phil a massively popular man in his own right who takes pride in direct no nonsense approaches to things. Dr Phil surmised before the identity of the shooter was even know that violent video games ingrained within the fiber of our country had a role in this event. Before anything was know about this deviant Dr Phil had placed the onus for his actions on games, not upbringing, not chemical imbalance, not just plain being a nutjobb, but video games. No one is crazy any more.

drphil.jpgI take offense to that comment, that suggestion and that idea. I know a great many people who grew up on games. Even being one of them. Yet we have not made good on what seems to be a media mandate to preform atrocious acts. I call for people to start taking these demagogues to task for their obvious attention grabbing in regards to this heinous tragedy. Stop taking attention away from those people who are trying to sort through the information to find the status of their loved ones, try focusing on the good and nobel stories to come out of this event. Such as the Teacher who sacrificed his life for his students. Go that direction.

This rant will be continued at a later time, a respectable distance away from the tragedies. I implore you all to contact Dr Phil in regards to this matter and ask him to focus on the heroics of the day, the questions that need to be asked of school policy and leave the sleuthing to the police. That link will take you directly to his comment page.

To see the letter I sent click the thumbnail image to the left to view the PDF. Thank you for your time and again my heart goes out to the people affected by the events of April 16th. Rest in peace.

~Paul Rj Muller

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