Most of you might not know this but the anniversary of my birth happens next week, after tax day, so even entering tis world I was just a bit too late to the party to get in on the good stuff. One of the major problems, or conundrums i have is that people in my family ask me what exactly i would like for my birthday.   I frankly and honestly don’t know most of the time. Basically i go through life wanting almost every shiny gadget i see, the problem being most of the are not just prohibitively   expensive for me, but I would feel like a complete heel even asking for any of them.So instead I share the stories with others So I’m not alone in my plight.

So almost all of the stuff i talk about on the show is stuff i want, but in all honesty will never get, and proably wouldn’t even ask for. That being said I saw some awesome things, random things in my travels throughout the internet so i thought i would pass them along to you.

I love watches, i think that old school analogue watches are some of the most bueatiful creations on the planet. Clockworks astound me with their intricate parts, it is like programming with metal, physical space hacking. Precise to a fault. Thus I find that i have a distast for digital watches because i see them as sulling the good name of watches everywhere, their is no craft, just cruft. so when I first looked at this watch i was struck with the beauty of the design but wasn’t very inspired to look beyond that, after all it is a digital watch… But not really. as i was scrolling past my eyes caught that the watch was actually much more than it appeared to be. It is actually fully analogue, entirely powered by gears… How awesome is that.The only problem with this little piece of perfection… its italian and a limited run. Hopefully this type of tech filters down into something I can one day afford.

The other fun thing i saw recenlty was the Walther Nighthawk airgun. This is the mack daddy of air pistols. I would never get it because i have a small child and lack safe places within my house to keep a firearm. But i doesn’t mean that i can oggle the fancy attachements, scope, flashlight and probaly something that makes julieanne fires… Still nifty, just not feasible.

One slightly startling link to send you on your way. We recently played with the story Pwn to Own, where well trained hackers tested their metal against garden variety systems to see how crack proof they are. That was nifty, but now take the same type of contest and add real world implications. A recent security confrence it was announced that not only where the computers running the nations power grid theoretically vulneable… but that they had already been hacked in less than a day… Lights out on that one.