So after all the jokes are said and done Nintendo is apparently Wii-Calling all of their wii-motes. The jokes from the likes of Penny-Arcade were flying faster than the loosely strapped controllers. The guys over at Penny-Arcade actually have a rich history of lampooning console controllers and everything else they can think of, but I believe the point of their comic is sound. What exactly are you doing that your controller is so hard to hold onto. I’m pretty sure that their is a sort of terminal velocity to the motion capture. A point at which the game doesn’t care how fast your arm moved this is as fast as we let it go.

They don’t expect you to swing your arm at 95 MPH in baseball to achieve a fastball, nor do they expect tiger woods to play their golf games. Face it as an athlete you probably rank up there with Mens Association softball guys, proud to be one btw. Does Nintendo expect grampa to throw that wicked spitball he had back in the 40’s to baffle his grandkids? I doubt it, they have some algorithm which computes your attempt at sports motions into a reasonable facimily thereof on the playing feild. Probably to cut down on rotator cuff surgeries as well as leveling the playing field between people of different sports skill sets. So in other words what you see on the screen is what it would look like if you didn’t suck.

So on one hand I applaud the company for reacting as quickly as they did to fix what some may perceive as a problem, but on the other hand i guess i lament that this is only necessary due to the sue happy world in which we now live.

Late Edit: I fear that most post will become obsolete as the original article referenced was inaccurate at reporting the recall. Nintendo has offered at no charge to supplement your existing strap with a diameter of .6mm to a much more resonable 1mm. Here is that story, and a look at the guys at PA’s take on the wiicall.