Each year the fine fellows over at www.podcastawards.com hold a competition to find the best and brightest stars in the pod-osphere.

There are limits as to which category you can be nominated in and how often. Last year I didn’t even ask because as a fledgling show I didn’t feel deserving of a nomination. If you enjoy the programming you get with the CaffiNation Podcast please consider nominating the show in the General Category, and if you feel it deserves it then a nomination in the Best Produced category. You can Follow this link to the nomination page. While I am humbled to think that anyone would nominate me but I wish to also ask for your restraint. While you may want to help the show out and nominate it in multiple categories such behavior will disqualify my show from being listed in any category. And that is exactly what I don’t want.

I feel that I produce a fine show here. If there is some reason you feel that this show doesn’t pass your personal muster for a Great Podcast, then please let us know what we can do to fix it all for next year. Thanks for your time and I humbly beseech you to consider my request.


< Start Shameless Use of Offspring for Pity>


Do it for the Boy… You Don’t Want my son to have a loser for a father do you?

</ End of Shameless Use of Offspring for Pity>

Thanks and Stay Caffeinated People!


Edit: I’m horrible at spelling things… so much so that I was a “looser” not a loser for a day and a half. Thanks to Andrew & my wife Jen who both kindly corrected me without too much disdain.