Caffi-Nation 003
Podsafe Music: Not in Kansas Anymore Steve Turner

Man Sues AOL and two other chat room participants for abuse. Alright i know that the new annoy legislation has raised some eyebrows. But seriously if anyone was not allowed to annoy others online exactly what do you think would be posted? What progress would be made, grow up and walk it off. Either come up with some spicy retorts or stay out of the fray.

Breeding Baby boomers buy up a bounty of dot Com’s. Should a 22 month old kid have a better bandwidth deal than me? How early should kids be introduced to the Internet? Ok if you end up showing you kids how to use a mouse a 6 month how much longer are you going to be a head of the curve? These kids are going to learn how to do things online and drive the revolution that much quicker than we ever did.

First Windows Vista Security Update: First of many? I guess like a rookie card we should all save this one to show the grand kids

Coffee Loving Fun
Cuisinart Grind and Brew Goodness. General Caffeine Tip: Sugar, avoid the crash.
Storage of the beans.

Mike Puskus Follow up the Plow

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