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Spyware: Crummy mini programs which slow your computer down and drag your experience into the dirt. Here’s a couple quick tips to get rid of them and prevent them from getting in your way. This small bunch of free utilities will make your life a lot easier.

Don’t Click the Blue E: Safe surfing starts here(FIREFOX)

Best Defense is a good offense: Immunize your computer and hunt the little buggers out (SpyBot S and D)

The name says it all, But one form of protection is just not enough. (AdAware)

Build yourself a wall. Then sit behind it. (Zone Alarm Personal)

—————-Coffeee Talk——————–
Coffee Mixers. The Hot Toddy: No idea why it got its name but caffeine and alcohol make a great couple. Here are two of my favorites.
Old Faithful the Irish Coffee:
1 cup freshly brewed coffee. 1 Shot Baileys Irish Cream, a splash or two of Bushmills Whiskey or any good whiskey.

Dirty Banana:
1 whole frozen banana, 2 shots Dark Rum, 1 Shot Coffee Liqueur, 1 Shot Banana Liqueured, Ice. . Blend until smooth. For an added bonus add grenadine after the blend for a special taste.

Podsafe Music
Fallout Dusty Hughes

Thanks for Listening and Stay Caffeinated People

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