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Brother Love : There she goes

Retro Audio Remix. A little old a little new

ION USB Turntable:
Hooks directly into your computer, comes with software for ripping Vinyl direct into a pc or Mac.
Uses the same software i’m recording this on. Audacity

PlusDeck 2c
80’s hair bands now can find their way into the 90’s. Only downside is that it needs to be installed into a drive bay.

Belt buckles are all the rage right now so whay wouldn’t this thing come out. TuneBuckle is a belt buckle with a clasp to hold your iPod Nano, slick looking but i wonder
how well it holds onto the pod. would be even snazzier if they had a full screen video ipod. let the world see what rocks you boxers.

Coffee tips
I don’t know if people out there are grinding your own coffee but you should. The pre-ground stuff only gives you on size of grain for your coffee making pleasure.
what does the size of the grounds have to do with anything? well listen to this. The finer the grain the darker the brew comes out. You go with powered you will be drinking motor oil. larger grains produce a smoother coffee with less caffeine.

I know people often buy coffee in your local supermarket and then run it through the in store grinder. Take one minute and glance this thing over. Seriously the last 50 people who sent their coffee through have left parts of it in there. So your dark french roast will have equal parts plain, decaf, and anything else that has been through there not to mention stale. So save yourself some time, drop 10 bucks and buy the little grinder in the cookware isle. Most of them are reliable and compact. you don’t need a 200 roaster/grinder. or even a Cuisinart grind and brew (which does make nice coffee BTW) throw your beans of choice into the hopper and grind them to dust for a dark-roasted adventure for your taste buds.

Allright That about raps it up for the second installment of the Caffi-Nation. Please Let us know how you feel we are doing.