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Podsafe Music Network:
Podsafe for your Pleasure: Hard Luck by the Black Furies

Caffeine: Mixology Pepsi Kona flashback, how to make your own. If you liked it here’s how to DO it.
Spicy and Coffee, Chili Head Moment: Wasabi Peas. Caffeinated Cats…

Tech News:
Goodbye Analog: Nikon, Minolta and others jumping like rats from a ship.

Story from wired about how Backhoes do more damage eac year to networks and uptime than Virus’ do. Scary considering the relative legality of a backhoe verses the illegality of a virus. That and this goes to prove another point, people are more dangerous to themselves when they least mean to be.

CYA corner: myspace and other social profile sites have been responsible for people loosing their jobs so watch what you post. Google is your permanent record. If I can google your name and don’t like what I see so can your prospective employer.
Google severed warrent for search sample… so looking for llama loving could be a matter of federal note… Might want to look over your history file.

Podsafe Music Network:
Podsafe for your Pleasure: Preach DesiredResponseTheory

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