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Bane of My existence. DeCaf… Don’t get used to the topic but here it is for your listening pleasure.

Fair Trade, Thanks to Mr Tim Graham.
Whats the use of getting a good cup of coffee if your smashing someone under your boots to do it. Give a hand. its honestly not that much of an increase. With the average price of less than a dollar a pound not enough money gets through to the people who grow and process your beans to make their lives livable. Companies such as the dreaded Starbucks, and Bucks County Coffee, rock the Fair Trade logo, caffeinated with a heart. I like it.

Next Time Instant Coffee Tech: How do they do that?
Broadband Law Rewrite:
About Time. Verizon has been threatening to sue Google over its use of bandwidth. Stating that Google is getting a free lunch. If I’m not mistaken Google is paying for bandwidth to host content and all of the people viewing content are paying to get access to it (ISP subscription) Ok so Paying twice for the same data isn’t enough? where will it end?

Cnet Missing Articles on TeleCom Companies turning over data who did it and what were their responses.

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