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Irony Read it and Learn It
Happy Birthday to Charles Darwin who would against all odds turn 197 today. Happy Birthday Chuck.
Podsafe Music: Evil Place Stingray
Fair Trade Certified Cup of the day provided by Bucks County Coffee, well I bought it from Superfresh, same price as the normal coffee but this came with good karma. Medium Roast with a smooth taste. No distinct aftertaste and a damn fine grind to boot. I’ll enjoy this one this week.

Just Click the link to go see a video of some crazy Japanese robotic engineers who happen to have created a transformer. All it needs is red and blue paint.

Gaming Keeps the brain from aging.
Just like gaming also keeps up hand eye coordination and cholesterol levels, next thing they are probably going to find it fights cancer too. No but seriously, Gaming apparently has the same effect as being bilingual, in that it causes the mind to adjust to rapidly changing environments. Map reading skills indeed.
Just for Fun Check out this Song linked from google video. Its a hoot. From an Aussie band called Tripod.
The clip is along the same vein so just click and enjoy.

Google Video in general Good and bad points. Good, is the formatting on the page, google chic so to speak. Its clean and efficient same as most google pages are but its also pretty functional. While i haven’t bought any videos it does seem a novel concept in general especially since the videos aren’t portable and use a proprietary Google Vid format… wait that kinda sucks.

iPod 5G: WTF? Why doesn’t firewire work for transferring songs on the newest iPod? it just won’t let you. This really sucks.

Instant Coffee How do they do that?
I apologize ahead of time for linking to wikipedia, not because i dislike the service but because someone could very easily change the page to contain different information if they so choose. SO its not necessarily the most stable fo sources.
Freeze Drying verses Spray Drying.
Referenced link for stability

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