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Quick Hits , think of this like espresso for your mind.

* Happy Belated birthday to EINIAC, Welcome to the 61st year of Digital Computing. EINIAC was turned on Feb 14th 1946 in order to help calculate ballistics trajectory for the war effort. Better late than never eh?
* Wiki Surfing. Follow the links. Lately i have been killing time by adventuring through the Wikipedia by clicking from one article to another. Didi you know that Both George W and John Kerry Belonged to a secret organization from Yale called the Skull and Bones? Weird stuff i tell you. Fascinating.
* Thanks to Brady Hicks for Sending us a story about flying cars.”MIT students working on an SUV with retractable wings they hope will carry two people on 100- to 500-mile hops.”

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Tech News:
So ST Val’s day fell on black Tuesday, Black Tuesday is the months server beating by Microsoft during which they release all of their patches. So Make sure you run Windows Update Today, just in case, while your at it you should also do a virus definition update and a spyware program update and scan. Just to be safe.
They released a couple Patches for IE, Mail handling and Windows Media Player. Read the article on the Internet Storm Center For More.

Open Source Pimpage: I’ve talked a little bit about open source programs here on the CaffiNation before but I’d like to turn your mind on to some more free products out there. Open Source is a movement and a descriptor, it describes software which opens up the internal programming for general review, and modification.
Todays love interest is Open Office. I have always been a fan of MS Office, i have hated Wordperfect since being forced to use it at an early age, same went for Works… yEch! MS office has always been one of the more stable and functional products put out by that company. I was however disgusted with their latest arrival 2003, horrible interface shoddy clipart ect. I needed to find a replacement, for most home uses i now rely on the new version of Open Office 2.01. I am in love with this suite Functional Portable and has the ability to open and preserve Word Docs. Now if i could one find a batch program to convert my .doc to .opt. i would be good.

For those who do not have to use outlook or outlook express for business reasons, and really need an email client i heartily recommend Thunderbird. I have been using it exclusively for about a year and a half now and couldn’t be happier. After a little tweaking it runs great and I can Read my Newsgroups on it as well. Next stop RSS.

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Caffeine Rage:
St Lucian Chocolate Recipe :
A Recipe for a spiced chocolate drink we got while on our honeymoon. I love this crap.
1 Tbsp Cocoa Powder
1 Bay Leaf
Pinch of grated Nutmeg
Cinnamon and Milk to taste
6 Oz of water
Boil the water and drop in the bay leaf add all of the ingredients to the water and reduce to a simmer, and simmer for 5 minute. Careful this can overflow very quickly.

It can be a little bitter so think of it as coffee not Coco. So sweeten to taste if you need to. Has a very woody flavor. Last week i added Cloves to the brew and it brought a whole new dimension. This week i might go for allspice? How Crazy can it get.

Coffee Syrup. Just what it sounds like. I’ve seen instant Iced tea in liquid form but this stuff your supposed to mix with milk for an “Authentic Iced Coffee Drink” I don’t know about you but i usually use water for coffee not milk as my base. But hey it tastes great Look for it next to your Chocolate Syrup in the Supermarket

BTW iPod update. Firewire was apparently taken out to save space in the 5G and make the unit that much more svelte… Let me see tiny video or function file transfers… of course go with video…

Big Shoutout goes to Apple Computers from whom i won an iPod Nano this past Friday. Very Spiffy Guys Very Spiffy. I was attending a seminar discussing their new line of software both normal and pro use tools they currently have available. They gave away two Nano’s to people in attendance i happened to be one of the lucky ones!

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Latest Fair Trade cup of coffee from the Buck County Coffee Company. Not a sponser (Boy do i wish) But rather the roasters of a damn fine cup of coffee, this mugs for you guys.

Next Week Portable Apps and Caffeine Chemistry

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