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Quick Hits: Espresso for your mind, a shot in the Cerebellum

* HP Labs marks 40th with high-tech coffee table. Man on the Street Brady Hicks comes in with yet another CRAZY tech story.
* Nasa’s Mars Orbiter finsihes it voyage and goes into orbit around mars starting March. 10th
* Try Googlewacking?

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—————-Tech News and Tidbits:

With the bevy of iPod and Apple related stories floating about this show will be an iPod tech show, so strap in.
Apple Super Tuesday:
Alrighty people keep your eyes and ears peels on Tuesday because Apple supposedly has something brewing. A big Announcement. It could be huge, or it could be yet another overhyped already ran product… gasp a new iPod, More intel Macs? Who knows. I don’t think I’m the only one a little disillusioned with the whole Think different mentality.

iPod Weddings?
More and more couples are realizing that DJ’s just aren’t cutting the mustard so they realize that perhaps 500 is better spent and a spiffy new iPod. AT least in my house we would need two because neither one of use would share
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One more item of note. I can’t find the story now but i saw news bit this past week where a guy asked his girl to marry him with an inscription on an iPod. Nice!

iPod Tie?
Remember a while back i was talking about the tune buckle? its a belt buckle you slip your Nano into and it has a relocated jack for the headphones? Well now they have a 95$ tie which hides your iPod behind the tie and has a channel system of the earbuds. Cover office tunes Now that I Like.
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——— Caffeine Redux.
Listner Email from Tony Matinez, Thanks for your comments Tony!

New Products I have been using here in the CaffiNation Headquarters.

After a bad experience with some of the other out of a box Cappuccino product on the market i was hesitant to try the Land o Lakes Cappuccino Classics. But hey it was $0.59 plus water.

Instant Espresso? Medaglia D’Oro (Gold Medal) Listen to our reaction

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