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WE will not go quietly into that good night, no the CaffiNation is back and ready for action. Let us know wht your thinking, but don’t call the old listner number it was de-listed. Rather email us comments. Thanks for sticking with us.

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Caffeine and Coffee:—–

Public Service Announcement: Alright so I love this product but I must confess to using it in a method not consistent with the packaging instructions. I was putting way to much of this product because I love the flavor. Add a little cinnamon and a sprinkle of sugar and it is heaven on earth. Well i chugged a mug full of this product right before the last Show not only was i up for a couple of hours, a rarity for me being that i can have coffee and go right to sleep. I just wanted to let everyone know the consequences of overuse shall we say. I have found that if one has too much of this substance you end up getting a sever stomach

Coffee Talk: Health Factors with Coffee: Lowers Bad Cholesterol, But might be bad for your heart, Adds Antioxidants, which fights cancer and Heart problems, or cures. With all of the news floating about how can we pick output how good this substance is for you. I think the everything in moderation lesson applies here as well. No you can’t drink 2 pots of coffee a day without consequences.

Coffee Beer: I would love this. Please let me know if anyone spots this.

Mug Drop: Build a better mug: and the world will beat a path to your door. I know I will.

Podsafe Music Network: Little Thom: Tracheotomy

Thanks and Stay Caffeinated People!

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