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  • a Little deviation from the norm we might do a mini rant in this space. Lets see how this feels.
  • LCD Original Post from my blog

Podsafe Music Network: Marcia Ball: Big Shot from Alligator Records

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  • DRM What is this Crap?
  • IPod Delmia and Frances Take on the subject: Linkage from Listner Fabrice

Gaming News so the PS3 is delayed huh… Guess developing your own processor, copyright protection platform and media player is a bit ambitious.
Caffeine Rage:—–

  • Fakeachino: How to make an equivilent of those horribly expensive homemade cappucino mixes. And not a bad replacement for lower grade cappucino
  • Ice Creame: Starbucks Java Chip: Love it. Sams Club Special.

Podsafe Music Network: Michael Hill’s Blues Mob: Why We Play the Blues from Alligator Records

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