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Tech Tid-Bits :—– Gadget Roundup Part 1

  • Surveying the net for the newest and craziest in gadgets for the next two shows. did we pick a good week
  • General Idea. This generation’s Sundial
  • not a fan of the Name but the Eniac is Crazy Stuff
  • Schools Out forEver, with Chalk Speakers
  • What the hell do people think when they design these things. The Real Woofer
  • not sure if you need one? Look at your umbrella’s Handle to check and see.

New Tech Holiday—— April 15th Adopt a Newb Day, your mid week Extension

  • Everyone listening to this podcast has probably been asked to help out family members in your family with Tech problems. Your the computer guy or girl that people turn to in their time of crash. So pick one person or family and pledge to help them. Write up a sheet on how to update their computer, give a couple little tips on things you know they have problems with. Have them tape it to their monitor. Teach an Man to fish time here at the caffination. So remember April 15th Pay your taxes, and pay your dues, Adopt a newb.

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Caffeinated Bits Today:—–

  • Hazlenut Goodness for Easter Morning like drinkable candy it was.
  • Coffee Run?
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This Bytes :—–
A selection of news items and tidbits that your just glad not to be the subject of.

  • Man Killed by Coffee Mug… Yup!
  • This guy thought he could outrun a cop in RL because he could in GTA
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