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Tech Tid-Bits :—– Gadget Roundup Part 2

  • Surveying the net for the newest and craziest in gadgets for the next two shows. did we pick a good week
  • I don’t know if we need more than this but apparently it does everything, dubbed “World’s first integrated ubiquitous device” sounds important
  • Go Anywhere and do anything
  • Cute and Crazy Tiny MP3 Player

Geeky Bliss ——

  • Linkage for the new equipment here at the CaffiNation,
  • Samson MDR624 6 Channels of sweet loving fun. Two IMP, and a whole bunch of terms i haven’t figured out yet
  • Like a kid in the candy shop here we have a comparision between old and new. With the Samson C01
  • Now i can finally use off of those craazy sound effects without having to stop recording. NICE!

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Caffeinated Bits Today:—–

  • Todays Brew was not a coffee but rather a fine tea, TAZO, Tzao Chai. Rocking flavor, nice jolt.
  • What is Chai? Spiced Milk, Tea with milk instead of water?
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