Welcome to the CaffiNation 035: Chilled Out
The High Octane world of Tunes and Tech, Coffee and all things Caffeine.

Tech Tid-Bits :—–

TPN Info:—– Tech Podcasts Network Information

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Caffeinated Bits Today:—–

  • Crazy Hazy Days of Summer are upon us. Chilled Beverages are to come soon.
  • Instant Success
    • Instant Coffee (Chok Full o Nuts)
    • Instant Espresso (Mediglia D’Oro)
    • Cinnamon, Nutmeg
    • Splenda
    • Combine into Piping hot water for a taste and smell explosion.

Music Bits :—–

Selections from Todays Music Provided by the Podsafe Music Network

Thanks and Stay Caffeinated People!

This PodCast Brought to you by the Letter R, and the Number 2