Welcome to the CaffiNation 041: Fathers Day Jazz
The High Octane world of Tunes and Tech, Coffee and all things Caffeine.

Tech Tid-Bits :—–

  • Stuff for gadget loving dads to drool over.
  • Concerning the Ease of Use and Growth, Podomatic in the News.
  • Thanks to all of you the CaffiNation is in the top 100 podcasts on Podomatic!

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Caffeinated Bits Today:—–

  • Coke Blak?
  • Altoid goodness. a Plee for flavor
  • External vs internal grinder

Music Bits :—–

Selections from Today’s Music Provided by the Podsafe Music Network

Thanks and Stay Caffeinated People! World Cup Countries besides the US covered? France, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Korea, Japan, Poland, England, Sweden.

This Show Dedicated to Scott, my Father, who has helped to make me the man I am today, Thanks Dad.

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