Welcome to the CaffiNation 052: Phoney Deals
The High Octane world of Tunes and Tech, Coffee and all things Caffeine.

Tech Tid-Bits :—–

  • Phone Conversation, Full Rant Ahead
  • Handset Reviews, LG VX9800, Motorola Q, Motorola Razr V3…
  • Just a Phone? About time someone piped up! try doing one thing really well.
  • All of this could have been avoided.
  • Now what do i do with my old POP
  • Myspace Sort of Back, minor skin irritants
  • A Mac in a car?
  • Is that Dell On Fire?
  • Picasa Web Albums rather nice! Why isn’t my gmail space used for this?

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Caffeinated Bits Today:—–

  • The Perfect Mocachino, without the price tag, or condescendence for saying the name wrong
  • Coffee Liquor?

Music Bits :—–

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Thanks and Stay Caffeinated People!

Hey out there and Welcome to our first listener from Africa, Morocco to be specific, and Several New People from Down Under

This PodCast Brought to you by the Letter C…

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