Welcome to the CaffiNation 065: Waiting
The High Octane world of Tunes and Tech, Coffee and all things Caffeine.

Tech Tid-Bits :—–

  • Mac Vs. PC, a snippy commentary and clarification
  • Bionic Arms, now thats where its at
  • Liquid Cooling? Why is this so special?
  • Why I Hate Live, Chat and the Phone Company but not always in that order
  • If computers are unthinking machines they why do they hate me? And other common questions

General Info:—–

  • Fancy yourself a host? Global Geek Podcast would like to see you try
  • BluBrry: my show is proudly listed therein
  • Our Survey, is now live. Please give it a visit for us.
  • Blog Note. Tardy Response
  • September 19th, Talk like a Pirate Day. Here is How
    • If my kid is born that day do I give the child a pirate name? Arr!

Caffeinated Bits Today:—–

  • Minor Rant Concerning Cuisenart Grind and Brew…

Music Bits :—–

Some of the Music from today’s show is provided by the PodSafe Music Network

Thanks and Stay Caffeinated People!

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