Welcome to the CaffiNation 071: Onward
The High Octane world of Tunes and Tech, Coffee and all things Caffeine.

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Tech Tid-Bits :—–

  • More Dialogue:
    • Vocabulary Lesson: Clue by 4, ClueBat, LART, Noob, Newb, l33t
  • Well Played Google
  • Patch Tuesday er Wednesday, 26 flaws Announced and Fixed
  • I think we should all chip in and buy sony a shovel or a good bit of rope
  • GPS… Not Magic
  • But the butter will make my pancakes better!
  • What good is butter without a little toast?
  • More USB Rotation
  • FYI for Sprint Customers, I guess you’ll know by the end of this whole deal how good their service really is.
  • TDIT: Happy Birthday VHS, 30

General Info:—–

Caffeinated Bits Today:—–

  • More of the Same in Work, need to switch the coffee up
  • Recipe for madness.

Music Bits :—–

Music from today’s show is provided by the Podsafe Music Network, Special Treat Edition

Thanks and Stay Caffeinated People!

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