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Slightly different format tonight. A bit of a free flowing episode with a bit of news and then a ton of software to help you be more productive in your use of a computer.   This isn’t going to be the norm for episodes from here on out but every once in a while it helps to share some of the tools that I use on a daily basis.

Tech Cruft

Software: Free and Better than Free

  • Firefox: Why are you not using this yet?
    • Foxmarks: Bookmark synchronization plugin
    • FireFTP: Lightweight FTP application which lives in your browser
  • Evernote: Note taking and reference software. Once you start to use it you can easily see how it can be of great use in the future
  • Picasa: Photo editing and album management software
  • VLC: Media File Player
  • Google Services: Get an account with google, even if you don’t use it for email. Its worth it just to have for the other programs they run.
  • NVU: Lightwieght HTML and Web site editor
  • Irfanview: Any image anywhere this program can open. Make sure to get both the program and the plugin pack
  • OpenOffice: Office and productivity application
  • Audacity:Audio editing utility

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