Today’s Show: Coffee, Drugs, Watches, Plush Toys, Holidays, Visual Styles, Ubuntu


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This episode is what happens when you are stuck writing, producing and otherwise cramming content for this long. I love what   do and I can only hope the episodes have been worth the fun. I’m starting to hone my workflow even more and I might just do a Making of The CaffiNation shortly. Let me know what anyone thinks of that. Might be another live show in the works too. Testing the waters. Speaking of waters I have been inundated with questions about how to make better coffee, what type of machine to buy ect. On today’s show i have a couple different tips for these questions, and I’ll be adding my own thoughts in as we go through them. I might also try my hand at writing a bit of a how to guide in the future, but not sure about it yet. A Long show with a ton of content and a bit of gab in between.

Enjoy the Episode!

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