Today’s Show: Cookies, trees, holidays, lasers, pictures, ninjas, TED, Fringe Science, Caffeine, Horses, and Apple Pie


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The season is upon us and no matter which feast you are about to celebrate it can be a fun time of the year. We have an episode packed with conversation starters and did you know facts for sharing around the table at dinner. Why? you may ask? Well i ask why not, if you can’t be full of crazy scattered information then why start a conversation in the first place. This episode holds the keys to avoiding the holiday pitfalls of religion, politics, and items of a more carnal nature. Why not talk about tech instead, although some devotion to platform can reach a fervent level we try our best to keep tonight’s off kilter show as non biased as possible.

Enjoy the Episode!

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Caffeine & Food Section

Thanks and Stay Caffeinated People