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The holidays are now upon us, I hope you had time to enjoy some of the sights and sounds of the season thus far, But from here on out it is a storm of family and fun for our family. The CaffiNation Lair might be a bit bare in the coming week so I decided to do an advanced copy for your enjoyment on Christmas Eve. Please see the attached Card, Santa Likes Coffee too you know.

But Seriously, I couldn’t do this show without listeners like you, who comment, download, enjoy and hopefully return for the next round of fun.   Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for the time you have spent with me over the past year and I can only hope to earn your time again in the future

Enjoy the Episode!


Happy Holidays! From The CaffiNation PodCast

Tech Cruft

Christmas Linkage :   Here there be Elves


Child’s Play Charity Gamers Giving Back

Caffeine & Food Section

  • Brew Early and Often
  • Don’t Forget Santa!
  • Deep Discount and some goodies on the way


Thanks and Stay Caffeinated People