Today’s Show: New Year, Lego, Mars, history, coffee, hedgehogs, apple, coffee, and fun

Hello all and welcome to 2009. I expect your looking for a list of goals, small and large for the show, myself or anything else coming on the first show of the year./ but The only resolution I’m worried about is turning in good shows and making your commute as entertaining and enlightening as possible. These shows are a labor of love and i can only say that almost three years after I started down this road I still get excited when its time to start talking to you all.

The next show will be episode 300, and will air shortly after the 3rd anniversary of the podcast. I’m not sure what i will be doing to celebrate the anniversary but it will most certainly include coffee, and you!

We have a couple of really exciting things coming up, reviews and articles lined up to be written, and products waiting with baited breath to be talked about, join us as we head into the next year, and thank you for spending the time with us that you do.

Enjoy the Episode!

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Thanks and Stay Caffeinated People