Today’s Show: Zombie Tv’s, Bloops, redirects, geek living, loch ness monster, blue man group, nerds, booms, joysticks, Coffee, and Wii

In case you found this episode and you’re looking for how to do a 301 redirect Click here for a wonderful article on just that!

Despite naming the show after a web server filter, I decided today’s show would be a bit of a deviation from the norm, we have a lot of fun stories as always, but we also have a ton of geeky stories and book mentions. Today should have been called the literary edition due to the massive number of stories that pop up relating back to literature, so why not pick up a book or two and expand your horizons.

Be sure to listen in as we talk about the 3 in 3 contest right up front on the show!

Enjoy the Episode!

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