Today’s Show: Hospitals, Caffeine, Hallucinations, Color, Star Trek, Laundry, Halo, Astronauts, silk worms, DC, AC, Caffeinated, Coffee, Economy, fun

I slacked off in putting the show together in a timely manner now I’m paying for it. I had a good deal of the research done in drabs and drabs only to drop the ball. The entire city is once again electric with Playoff atmosphere and it just might do some collective good for our frail psyche.

Go Eagles!


BTW check out the Eagles FanCast for a true sports podcast, great guys

Today’s show takes its name from 302, being involuntarily committed, while i might be crazy I’m not quite there yet. And apparently caffeine of a certain level can induce hallucinations… who knew. Now if you’ll excuse me Abraham Lincoln and I have to migrate some servers.


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Be sure to listen in as we talk about the 3 in 3 contest right up front on the show!

Enjoy the Episode!

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New Store now open, CaffiNation Outpost

Thanks and Stay Caffeinated People